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If I were to choose one word to describe Becca it would be “Magical”.  My husband & I started our fertility journey to have our second child about a year ago and were not successful despite many efforts. When I heard about acupuncture treatments for fertility I was skeptical but the minute I was in Becca’s presence something came over me and it clicked. She was the missing piece to the puzzle. Not only her knowledge of acupuncture and how that relates to a woman’s cycle, but her calming aura, the way she makes you feel totally comfortable, how easy it is to talk to her and her genuine interest in helping to heal you. After a few months of consistent weekly sessions with Becca I went through my first IVF cycle . She was by my side the entire way guiding me and keeping my body regulated throughout every phase of treatment. I am happy to say that I became pregnant without any issues on that first IVF attempt. I knew all along it would be successful….. because of Becca. She helped me believe in my body and what I was capable of doing when I had doubted it and myself for so long. I continue to see Becca regularly for treatment and am expecting our second son early March. Becca has become family and I will never be able to express in words how much I love and appreciate her and all that she is. Thank you Becca for being you which is simply … Magical


Becca has been treating me for a very long time now. Her abilities have helped me with anxiety, muscle pain, and now the jump start my body needed to get pregnant. After just a few months of trying, I decided to seek Becca’s help and after a month or so, I was pregnant and am now about to start my second trimester! She is an amazing healer, a great listener, gentle, thoughtful and caring in her practice and with her clients. I would recommend her practice for anyone, just for well being to anything you could honestly think to need a “fix” for. She is magic, look no further!


Becca has been treating my 9 year old daughter with acupuncture to help with her anxiety. Becca has been amazing with her every step of the way. Becca’s priority was making sure my daughter felt comfortable. She would explain everything she was about to do, and would always ask her first if she felt comfortable with it. When I would ask my daughter how she felt after a treatment, she said she felt very relaxed, and loves that Becca involves her in the treatment by letting her pick out certain things, like the crystals. Becca is very calm and gentle with her. We highly recommend her!


Becca has been the calming influence I didn’t even know I needed. I feel better than I have in a very long time thanks to her guidance and acupuncture expertise. I immediately knew she was someone I could trust and also someone who genuinely wanted to help me feel my best. I would recommend Becca a thousand times over. She is the best!


Becca is a God Send! I struggle with migraines and anxiety and her treatments have been life changing for me. Her energy is always so calm and comforting from the moment we are in each other’s presence. She is so incredibly knowledgeable about what she does and is so passionate about it as well. Every time she leaves, I feel a sense of peace and relief within my body. Becca is a breath of fresh air and an amazing acupuncturist! She truly is the BEST!


Becca is one amazing lady! She came into my life during a super stressful time and helped me in more ways than one! Not only is Becca a remarkable acupuncturist, she is kind, gentle, supportive, encouraging, and inspiring. A beautiful person inside and out! So grateful for our sessions each week! I would recommend Becca over and over again!!!


Reviews: Testimonials
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